AdQuick and BlogQuick Development Ends

For over 10 years now, phplemon have worked on our hugely popular products, AdQuick and BlogQuick.

Unfortunately, today we are sad to announce the end of development of both products and the closure of

We would like to thank our many customers from over the years. We really do appreciate your support.

On July 21st 2017, we will be switching off the AdQuick and BlogQuick licensing servers. Below we have linked to an updated functions.php file for both AdQuick and BlogQuick, which will remove the licensing system from both products. This will allow you to run both products indefinitely. If you do not update your functions.php file, your websites will stop working. No further updates will be released.

The functions.php files must be placed in the include folder for that specific product and replace the current functions.php file that you are using, and the index.php file should be placed in the install folder if you choose to do another installation.


AdQuick – functions.php – Download Link

BlogQuick – functions.php – Download Link

Below are the index.php files which can be placed in your “install” folder to replace the encrypted versions you will already have. This again will remove the licensing system from the installation files of the software. When you run the installation, you can enter any text you like into the “License Key” box.

AdQuick – index.php – Download Link

BlogQuick – index.php – Download Link


Full Software Downloads

AdQuick 2.7 – Download Link

BlogQuick 1.2 – Download Link